Drury Hills Wines

Opening Hours:

Saturday - Sunday 9 am - 4 pm

Bookings are reduced to 10 people maximum

Organised click and collect is available

Book a Function

Open for free wine tasting or private functions.


Book a wine and cheese afternoon, a BBQ lunch or a morning or afternoon tea while you experience our range of wines, ports, creams and cocktails. 


We can accomodate buses.  

Buy Manuka Honey

New Variety of Red Dragonfruit Coming Soon

The most widely available variety has white pulp with black seeds, though a less common type with red pulp and black seeds exists as well. The Red Dragonfruit seems exotic but its flavours are quite similar, with hints of kiwifruit and pear. It is quite a unique flavour and is full of Vitamin C, perfect for getting rid of colds and flues. 

Large Variety

Over 100 different varieties, from the
very popular blueberry through to the

more unusual lemon and green ginger

Award Winning

10 gold medals

15 silver medals

Fruit Winer Maker of the Year 2015


Member of the NZ Fruit Wine Association

Family Owned

Run by Dave and Liz Young
on their family home
in Drury, Auckland

Always happy to see you


Made using organic fruit, sourced from our own orchards and growers across New Zealand. Produced without sulphates